An impassioned plea

            Mothers of sons (and sisters of brothers)

This rape culture cannot be changed by legislators! This is not about rules: this is about humanity.

Yes, it takes a village, the female voice of the village.

How in the hell can any son grow and not know that this is wrong?

Look your son in the eye, NOW! Tell him Jada’s story. No, better yet, have him find her story and tell you what happened.
Ask him to imagine a scenario where what these monsters did would be acceptable. Ask him to think of an excuse, to justify what they did. And tell him to look you in the eye when he’s talking.

If we ask our male “representatives” to “do something” about this …you already know where they will go: remember Anita Hill?

Shit. This is our responsibility.

It was my son who observed simply, (yet profoundly insightful): “I refuse to accept forgiveness under the condition that I must accept your rationale: I am a teenaged male so what do you expect? Damn it – expect more: I do!”

“This only perpetuates the rape culture”, he continued, “I as a human crossed the line; I made a mistake, no excuses à that is how I learn from my mistake: I admit I made the choice. That is how I learn where boundaries lie.”

Surrender is different from defeat.
Surrender unites; defeat divides.
With surrender a flame of hope is fanned. Conversations are begun. Time is spent re-igniting and reviewing ideas and approaches. Rest, rejuvenation and nourishment receive attention. Empowerment results.
With defeat, complacent sarcasm results. 

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